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Our Story

The Chill Room, a family business operated by the brothers Vincent and Anthony Cartagine, caters to the growing trend of alcohol alternatives in social settings. Recognizing the shift towards Non-Alcoholic Beverages in popular social spots, particularly in the US, the Chill Room stands out as a sophisticated, alcohol-free destination.


Distinguished from typical alcohol-free bars, The Chill Room offers a range of meticulously crafted Spirit Free Cocktails, Beer and Wine,  Healthy Herbal Teas, exhilarating Root and Botanical Beverages, specialty coffees, and a a light-fare food menu. We even have a dedicated Vape, Glass and CBD section for discerning customers who would enjoy those products.


But the Chill Room is much more by providing various activities and opportunities. Check our Event Calendar for Live Entertainment and exciting events. We can reserve space in our Lounge for larger parties, social functions, business meetings or provide a space for classes or instruction. Our professionally equipped stage and sound system can showcase your talent or can host your podcast.


With flexible hours, The Chill Room accommodates diverse groups without the typical hassles associated with alcohol-serving establishments. Engage in games like Pool, Chess, Poker, Uno, board games and more. Explore our video game section or unwind with a book or work on your computer during the day. We offer a space that will replenish your mind as well as your body. We envision ourselves as a community hub where people can come together to collaborate and share experiences.


At The Chill Room, we offer a continuous array of events and an opportunity to make new connections positioning ourselves as "A New Kind of Social Destination!" Visit us to discover why.

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